End of Life Doula for humans and animals

An End-of-Life Doula is a non-medical role that provides support, options and education for the dying and their loved ones. Facing the end of your life or someone you love, including your pet, is a very challenging, confusing and overwhelming journey.

There are many things to plan for and manage, options to explore, choices to make, medical and life issues to navigate.

A Doula can help guide you and your family and people close to you through this process, informing you of what to expect and acting as an advocate with medical and nursing staff, the hospital or other care providers, veterinary clinics, funeral homes and other personnel involved.

An End of Life Doula will assist in making the road ahead an intimate, sacred and rich experience for everyone involved, whether medical support is required or not, whether at home, in a hospice or hospital, creating ‘home’ wherever you are.

Our Services

Services include but are not limited to:

  • People & their Beloved Animals
  • Jo provides a free 2 hour consultation at your home or another location.
  • Facilitation, Support and Education of End of Life Journey
  • Overview of Legal Requirements: Enduring Medical Power of Attorney, Advance Care Planning, Wills & Estate Planning & Digital Media
  • Provide Assistance & Support in Navigating the Medical & Health Care System: Doctor’s Appointments, Nursing Services, Hospital & Palliative Care
  • Funeral and Burial Wishes, Options and Plans
  • Facilitate & Support the End of Life Process for Pets, Animals & their Owners
  • Provide Care for the Living.

Doula is not a new concept

Many cultures for thousands of years have supported the practice of people staying in their homes to die, looked after by family and community. In the modern Western world there has been a trend towards nursing hoes and hospitalization which can lead to isolation, lack of choice and opportunity for all concerned.

Death, which is inevitable, often can become a lonely and sombre ‘medicalised’ experience.

It is imperative that a dying person or animal has the opportunity to have their end of life unfold in alignment with their wishes, to preserve their quality of life, well-being and self-worth up to and beyond the end of life as we know it.

About Jo

Jo has trained as an End of Life Doula with Preparing the Way. She has a previous working background as an Enrolled Nurse working within General Nursing, Palliative and Aged Care as well as Pathology and the Medical Research field. She has also completed a Professional Management Program with the Adelaide University.

Jo Fuller 0418 817 854

Dying is not just about death. It’s about loving and living the best we can with the time we have left.

– Jo Fuller